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Radius of Transmission is a multidisciplinary, site-specific exploration of grief in three parts. It translates the strangeness of being-in-grief into new contexts, one that uses live performance, technology and installation to similarly dislodge audience members from normative states of experience.


Visitors can attend (objects): Part I August 19-September 16. The experience is free of charge. To attend, sign up for an appointment by clicking the button above. Location details and instructions will be sent in a confirmation email.


(absent) & (abraded): Parts II & III occur in sequence Wednesday thru Saturday, September 4-7, 2019. For more specifics and to purchase tickets, click the button above.



(objects): Part I is an interactive installation in a storage unit, co-created with members of the community. It explores our need to stay tethered to the loved ones we’ve lost.  Learn more.



(absent): Part II is a four-mile, site-specific drive that uses both the metaphor and means of radio technology to contend with the notion that, in grief, empty space is not nothing. Learn more.



(abraded): Part III is a dance that shifts the frame from “those gone” to “those who go on” and proclaims grief as inextricably linked to living. Learn more.